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Rock Climbing or Mountaineering it Still Rocks! (21 Photos)

Rock climbing was an important part of Victorian mountaineering in the Alps, but it’s generally considered the sport of rock climbing began in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in various parts of Europe. Most climbing done in modern times is free climbing, as opposed to aid climbing, the gear-dependent form of climbing that […]

Nostalgic Surfing Flashback: The Dingo Menace, Queenslander Cover 1934

Surfing was king and the Kahuna still seems to rule the summer. As the warm season sets in, you can’t help but have some beach nostalgia. When it comes to the ocean waves, nothing sets out in your mind like the ancient art of wave riding and the sport of surfing..

Extreme Game of Free Running Urban Parkour Tag

Shot on location in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and with music by The Beastie Boys (body movin’) this video is sure to get you watching again and again. Directed by Neil Stewart aka Scotskid.

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