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Rip Curl Mirage: The Ultimate Board Short

Rip Curl has again created a technological world-first by capturing full-tilt surfing action using a “30 camera Array” — a line of cameras firing consistently as surfers ride towards and past it. The results are unique “frozen moments of time” – that can be viewed in a combination of angles for a true in the […]

The History of Scandal in the Tour de France

The best cyclists from around the world have taken the stage for the 100th anniversary* of the Tour de France. Glory, prestige, and a hefty paycheck await only the most disciplined and determined athletes. With so much at stake, how far are competitors willing to go to be the first to cross the finish line? […]

Extreme Free Running Amusement on the Jersey Shore: Parkour Roller Coaster

Filmed at the 2009 New Jersey State Fair in the USA & featuring WFPF athletes Daniel Ilabaca, Tim “Livewire” Shieff, King David, Daniel Arroyo, and Phil Doyle. They closed down the rides for the WFPF when we asked them too. Featuring Ilabaca, Livewire, Phil Doyle, King David & Arroyo

Trike Drifting

Trike Drifting: Taking Your Bigwheel to Extremes

Do you remember riding your “bigwheel” as a child? So do the new school trike drifters. Some people just never grow up… Let’s go!

Quiksilver Pro France 2012 Surfing Silhouette Air

Big Beautiful Air in the Quiksilver Pro France 2012 A surfer enjoying the late sun on the waves in Hossegor. He got airborne just enough to draw a nice silhouette against the sky. [by:McSnowHammer]

All Locked Up: The History of Labor Disputes in Sports

Football fans know all about the recent 2012 NFL referee lockout, a labor dispute between the National Football League and the NFL Referees Association. Effectively making ‘Game Over’ a theme for football fans for much longer than they liked. Both sides failed to agree on a collective bargaining agreement, so replacement officials were used for […]

Wild Surf Designs by Matt Moore for Almond Surfboards

Graphics for “The 4 Elements” Longboard Series. Released during Convergence Exhibition at Corduroy. artwork by: MWM Graphics for Almond Surfboards & Designs

Shutting Down Strasburg: Effective or Overprotective?

Your team’s pitcher is a 23 year old superstar in the prime of his life. Coming from an immaculate collegiate career, the brightest prospect your team has ever seen is ready to shatter every record in the book. He’s hungry, but yet they shut him down for the season. Why? Because he’s Stephen Strasburg, and […]

Unforgettable Moments in Baseball Rivalries

Rivalries start innocently enough. A strong record of wins or losses, a scoreless streak, a resounding defeat in a championship game… maybe twice… and so the frustration festers until redemption comes. When you finally get your payback, the enthusiasm bubbles over. Unfortunately, this sort of in-your-face behavior just accelerates the pendulum of the rivalry in […]

roller derby babe red

Roller Derby Girls De Los Muertos

With the return of Roller Derby to the mainstream and the surge of Dia de los Muertos in our culture…. We had a feeling this was bound to happen sooner or later. Artwork by Deni Dessastra for Barmetal h/t Land of Misfit Skulls for the link.

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