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The Killer Commute: How Driving Is Killing You

The Killer Commute: How Driving Is Killing You Created by:

Black Betty Harley Bobber

Black Betty: Just a Simple Harley Davidson Bobber… Nothing Special

HD Riders USA Harley Davidson Forum Southeast Custom Cycles Black Betty Bobber A quote from the custom bike builder himself: Just a simple, less is more kinda feel to it. Doesn’t have a ton of flash…the details are simple yet effective. Bike definitely sets a tone. Rocking our modified front and rear fenders (09+ style), […]

10 Crazy Quad Mods in Photos

Ten Cool Crazy Custom All Terrain Vehicles. Extreme ATV Mods and Pimped Out Quads. From the techno to the ghetto, ATV’s claim their turf. Presenting a pictorial review of 10 uncommon all terrain vehicles and audacious quads from all side of the pimp. Ghostly White High Tech Race Quad Dirty South Pig Pimpin’ Deep Southern […]

Atlanta NOPI Nationals Monster Mitsubishi Eclipse On 28’s

As the story was told to us, this little backyard project car turned so many heads at the latest NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, they had to move it to the sponsored arena. Why would this matter…

9 Seriously Sick Sleds by Solif: Creative Custom Choppers

While custom choppers are rather common, good ones are still rare. Unique and imaginative works of motor power art rarer still. The cycle designs by Solif are so far beyond those marks you have to see them yourself to believe they really exist…

Future Cool Motor Vehicle: Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car

Concept cars without a doubt and almost as a rule are cool. The Falcon is an innovative concept both “unprecedented” and dynamic suggesting an elegant synthesis between worlds…

Dekotora, Decotora, “Decoration Truck”

Dekotora, or Decotora, simply means “Decoration Truck.” These trucks are often used for work and decorated by enthusiastic employees. However, due to driving restrictions and such, many of the finer and more extreme examples must be created exclusively for show.

Killer Freestyle Street Bikes Tricks Remixed

Remixed remastered collection of killer street bike tricks. Over seven minutes of pure SICK cycle stunting fun!

Black Widow Steampunk Chopper Extreme Custom Motorcycle Mod

Amazing custom Steampunk ‘Chopper’ Motorcycle, by Solifague Design, dubbed ‘Black Widow’ in all it’s photogenic glory..

All American Rolls Royce Cars True Blue Chrome and Gold Logo Art Photo

An Absolutely Amazing, All American Rolls Royce, Custom Car Hood Design. An Eagle Crested, True Blue, Chrome and Gold Logo Art Photo.

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