Atlanta NOPI Nationals Monster Mitsubishi Eclipse On 28’s

Big Wheels, IRL, WTH?


NOPI Interview with James De L’Orme of JVD Custom Works

Monster Mitsubishi Eclipse Sitting on 28’s at NOPI/HIN in Atlanta by JVD Custom Works

before As the story was told to us, this little backyard project car turned so many heads at the latest NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, they had to move it to the sponsored arena. Why would this matter, well it seems so many people stopped going to the paid sponsor side, they had to bow down and beg the little guy to share the limelight. What a cool way to wind out your weekend, and OMG what a wild ride!

The Car That Brought the Ruckus and Stole the Sponsors Limelight…

source: HinNopiJVD Custom Works

If They Think the Outside is Cool, Wait til’ They See the Interior, When They Grow Up…

source: HinNopiJVD Custom Woks

Yes That’s a Tour Bus Next to the Eclipse, Yes the Car has Bigger Tires…

source: HinNopiJVD Custom Works

*** we have been informed there is a sticker typo in the pics JVDCustomWorks is right, JVDCustomWoks is not…

*** Update #2: We have found new video with a better full Monster Car view…

Future Cool Motor Vehicle: Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car

Concept cars without a doubt and almost as a rule are cool. The Falcon’s an innovative concept, suggesting a synthesis between two worlds. With race jets and segway style use, this concept may just ‘take off’














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All American Rolls Royce Cars True Blue Chrome and Gold Logo Art Photo

An Absolutely Amazing, All American Rolls Royce, Custom Car Hood Design. An Eagle Crested, True Blue, Chrome and Gold Logo Art Photo.

American Rolls Royce

source: The American version of a Rolls Royce. on Twitpic

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Gymkhana – Ken Block

Gymkhana literally means ‘Car Rodeo’. The word has origins from Urdu language meaning ‘Fitness Club’. In the west, it is a type of motorsport practiced in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and South Africa. Similar to autocross, gymkhana courses are often very complex and memorizing the course is a significant part of achieving a fast time. The governing body of Gymkhana in Japan is the Japan Auto Federation, a Japanese division of the FIA.

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