The Afterlife of a Junk Vehicle


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Judging by the heaps of scraps that sit rusting along the streets of Dirty South, USA, America could benefit from a mobile version of The Mega Shredder. Places like Alabama, where state inspection requirements are non-existent even to this day, could use some recycling of their vehicular garbage.

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Key Facts and Figures

How Many Cars are Recycled Each Year?

  • Nearly 27 million cars are recycled each year around the world
  • In the US, cars are the most recycled item; 12 million are recycled each year
  • About 8 million vehicles are recycled in Europe each year 

How Much of Each Car is Recycled?

  • According to the EPA, roughly 80%, by weight, of each car in the US is recycled
  • 75% of each car, by weight, is recycled in Europe
  • By 2015, European facilities will be recycling 95% of each car, by weight

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