Epic Motorcycle Fails [Videos]


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It’s just one of those regrettable facts of life: Bad things happen to good motorcycles. Check out these epic fails. They’re good for a few laughs, a couple of groans and a handful of winces. As an added bonus, they’re certain to make you feel a bit better about your most embarrassing moments on your bike.

Location, Location, Location

If failure is even a remote possibility, the chosen location for one’s attempt at a stunt can be critical.

Note to Self

This poor guy makes the mistake that so many of us make: going one step too far. When the crowd oohs and aahs and finally bursts into applause, take your bow and get off the stage!

Short-Course Record

The quarter-mile time for this pocket rocket is probably pretty good; it certainly can get about ten yards down the road in a flash.

On the Drag Strip

Drag races are, by definition, short events; however, most are somewhat longer than this attempt at blazing quarter-mile speed. On the other hand, the guy does get come good air.

They’re Called Gates for a Reason

What did we do for laughs before surveillance videos? We think this guy has a really good case should he ever decide to sue the public school system where he grew up.

Look, Ma! No Hands!

We have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news: You don’t have the skills you think you have. Now, the good news: Your bike does fine without you.

Mulholland Drive

If you’ve seen David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive,” you know that it’s not kind to motorists. Personally, I wouldn’t record motorcycles driving it. Note: No animals were injured in the making of this video, just a motorcycle rider. (Only kidding, he gives the “OK” sign at the end.)

Learner’s Permit

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is one of our favorite Christmas tunes. Here, Grandma gets her first lesson on a motorcycle and enlarges her backyard at the same time!

What have we learned from these epic fail bike videos? Well, we’ve learned not to say, “Hey, take a video of me doing this!”

Phil Segal, who writes for Scooter Madness, enjoys riding dirt bikes, ATV’s and more with his kids in their backyard. When not zooming around on a dirt road, Phil stays busy with his digital marketing company. Follow Phil on Google+.

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