Camping Will Smith Style: What Does a $2.5 Million RV Look Like?



Men_in_Black_PosterWill Smith is known to pilot some pretty fine vehicles.

In the first Men in Black, Smith and his buddy Tommy Lee Jones made good time in a specially modified Ford Crown Vic. With the push of a button, the unobtrusive ride would fire up its two jet engines, allowing it to pull off a series of slightly unusual maneuvers, such as running on the walls of tunnels.

While Smith’s custom recreational vehicle won’t achieve those kinds of speeds, it does have enough gizmos, gadgets and special features to satisfy even the most demanding silver screen alien chaser in his off time when he needs a few minutes to chill.

Two stories are better than one.

It seems that Smith provided much of the impetus for the development of the two-story recreational vehicle; although, the “recreation” enjoyed in his mega-machine is occurs on movie locations more often than it does at the Grand Canyon’s North Rim Campground. The actor came to Ron Anderson at Anderson Mobile Estates looking for a private retreat on wheels.

“I told him I got this two-story idea so it won’t take up so much space on the movie lot,” Anderson related to the Travel Channel when it was putting together a feature on supersized RVs. Since then, the rolling mansion has been showcased on other programs, including a celebrity motor home series on HGTV.

Of course, the single biggest upscale quality of Smith’s $2.5 million RV is its size. It boasts some 1,200 square feet of floor space. Perhaps that’s why Big Apple cops shooed if off the streets of SoHo when Smith was shooting MIBIII. It’s larger than an average Manhattan apartment!

I shouldn’t go much further before correcting the record a little. I’ve been calling this home away from home a recreational vehicle or RV. In the biz—and among the glitterati—creations of this magnitude are rightly called “mobile estates;” however, when talking about Hollywood MEs, you can only be referring to the legendary medical examiner Thomas Noguchi, aka “The Coroner to the Stars.” To avoid confusion, we’ll continue with the “RV” nomenclature.

All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

With the push of a few buttons on Smith’s RV, the top pops up, the sides pop out and you have a home fit for Hollywood royalty quicker than you can say, “Did you ever flashy-thing me?” There’s a complete custom kitchen, a makeup area, a wardrobe room and a 30-person screening room with a 100-inch drop down TV that would put most independent movie studios to shame.

All the finishing touches you would want in the home of your dreams are included: granite countertops, stainless steel countersunk sinks, top-of-the-line appliances, gorgeous wood cabinetry and tables and a complicated enough remote control to satisfy any real man. The make-up mirror, by the way, has a special “see-thru” feature that allows you to watch television while you’re being made up for your next big scene.

will smith rv interior

In a nod to another sci-fi classic, Smith’s RV features mirrored “Star Trek” doors that slide open from the middle and disappear into the walls as you pass from the kitchen into the wardrobe room, but not everything is super high-tech. A lot of natural materials are used. We’ve mentioned wood and granite. How about $30,000 in leather alone?

Well, now that we know how the other one-tenth-of-one-percent “camp,” what features do you think are most important for your next RV?

Bonus video: Will Smith’s two-story motorhome and even larger gym trailer:

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