4 Apps for Finding a Used Car in your Area


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Car shopping can be quite the hassle, especially if it involves going to multiple car lots in search of the best car for the best price. However, as with most everything else these days it seems, there’s an app for that! Mobile apps allow users to find out about as much information possible right from their phone. From price to vehicle history reports, it is easy to walk into a car dealership and be certain that you aren’t getting messed around with.  Besides, a mobile app isn’t commission based, so it’s going to shoot straight with you. While there are plenty more apps out there that can be used to help find a good car, here are some of the better known apps. Most of these apps are available for both Android and in the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad.

 Cars.com App

This app quite simply helps users find cars for sale in their area. Whether looking for a new or a used vehicle, you can search for the best deal in your area. This is an app that can be used to compare the prices of similar vehicles at different car lots to ensure getting the best vehicle for the best price without having to drive all over town talking to a salesmen. Download from Google Play or iTunes

AutoTrader.com App

This app is one of the first that was created for vehicle searches and does a very thorough job of providing vehicle information to those looking for it. There are plenty of options for narrowing down the vehicle search – everything from price to model or make or mileage to type of transmission. This app is very user friendly and easy to use when looking for a vehicle. Download from Google Play or iTunes

Carfax App

With this app, users can simply scan the barcode inside of a vehicle with their phone and access key vehicle information right then and there. While there may be a charge for some services the app provides, it is free to download. Download from Google Play or iTunes

Edmunds.com App

According to Edmunds’ website, this app combines “pricing, research, and inventory search to help you get the best deal – whether you’re shopping for a new or used car.” Users can specify various features of the vehicle they are looking for and the app will work to find the user’s dream car. This app also lets users read reviews and check out research on various vehicles as well, which can be handy if you find yourself looking at a different vehicle than you had planned on once arriving at the car lot. Download from Google Play or iTunes

Other options

There are also apps such as Craigslist and eBay that users can download on their tablet or smart phone and search for vehicles. These apps won’t provide as much background history and specified information as the previously mentioned apps will, but if you don’t mind digging in deeper somewhere else, these can be a great tool to help you simply search for a vehicle in your area. Chris Turberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for H.R. Owen, an automotive dealership specializing in used Bentley cars.

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